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Shannon {portrait photography}

02 May 2011
I am in love with this session... Absolutely IN LOVE!!!  It has been so hard for me to narrow down the images that I wanted to edit because as you can see this girl cannot take a bad photo.  Shannon is the granddaughter of the Pedersons that gave away all of those amazing scholarships to the East High students.  Apparently the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree because in the short time that I got to know Shannon it was obvious that she is gorgeous inside and out.  She was so nice and extremely easy to work with... Totally up for anything.  When I first met up with Shannon she said that she wanted to have some  photos like the scholarship finalists.  So, this first photo is kind of a continuation from that series.  Thanks for doing this session with me Shannon, in between the scattered rain showers and slightly hyper Oakley I think we got some truly amazing photos!
Here is one of Shannon's very best friends, Oakley.  She was a little high strung and scared of any tiny dog that came our way, but she still worked it out in front of the camera.
We worked really hard to get a photo with the American flag waving in the background.  This one should be for your sister who was so helpful throughout the shoot... She carried all the outfit changes, took care of Oakley, and she made sure we knew when the flag was waving.

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