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I'm Kristi and I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I have studied photography at the University of Utah and I absolutely LOVE documenting the precious times in people's lives while adding an artistic spin to each image. I always want to hear what you think so please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check up often!

Tylee {kids photography}

14 June 2009
I know that I might be biased because Tylee is my niece but, isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I was so excited when I was asked to photograph her for her 5th birthday. She was posing all over the place and in the end I LOVE how the images turned out. She wore such awesomely bright clothes and her big blue eyes and blond curls didn't hurt either. Here's a large, over due sneak preview.

Seriously? She looks like a little Abercrombie model with that piercing stare. Have I already said I LOVE it? because I totally do.

Ajaleigh {kids/family photography}

08 June 2009
On top of having fireworks and sparklers to celebrate her 4th of July birthday, Ajaleigh also always has a picture of her sweet smiling face plastered on top of her birthday cake. So, for her 7th birthday I had the opportunity to take Ajaleigh and her dad up Emigration Canyon in hopes of getting the perfect birthday cake photo. They were so cute together and after seeing their first iterations it was clear that there is a lot of love between these two. Not only is Ajaleigh a total daddy's-girl, she is also such girly-girl! While on the shoot her main concerns centered around clothing changes, a huge pink peony, and staying away from bugs. We ended up with so many beautiful images that it was hard to narrow them down to my favorites but here they are.

Below is the photograph that Ajaleigh picked to make the cake!


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