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I'm Kristi and I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I have studied photography at the University of Utah and I absolutely LOVE documenting the precious times in people's lives while adding an artistic spin to each image. I always want to hear what you think so please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check up often!

Creers {kids/family photography}

28 September 2009
I was so lucky to meet this sweet family. Seriously, these kids were so much fun to photograph. After just this short time I spent with them I was able to tell that they were more than just siblings, that they are good friends too. AND, like I said before, I got lucky because their love definitely shows through to make some amazing group photos.

Isn't this kid a total stud? I LOVE the faux hawk.

Just look at the gorgeous eyes on these kids. They make my job way too easy.

See what I mean about the love? It's like you can feel it right through the screen.

Jessica {anytime photography}

14 September 2009
Wow. I really don't need to say how gorgeous Jessica is, I think anyone who looks at the images below can see that for themselves. Again, needless to say, I was WAY excited for this photo shoot. Her good looks and natural charisma in front of the camera would have been enough to make this a beyond amazing shoot but, on top of everything, Jess is also one of my best friends and has been since elementary school. We had way to much fun together and spent most of the session laughing rather than shooting. In spite of the wind, hysterical laughter, and the occasional on looker :) we got some really amazing photos. Jess, thanks for letting me take pictures of your beautiful face! Love you.

Isn't this an amazing location? This barn was encircled with some off the wall random junk which was perfect for us. And, we caught it at just the right time as one of the barns had collapsed and we were able to climb into the rubble.

Jessica has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. They are actually this blue in real life if you can beleive it.

I just could not get enough of Jessica on the camera so we kept the shoot going even after if got dark. I'm glad we did because I love the moodiness in this last image.

Marisol's Girls {kids photography}

07 September 2009
So, I have worked with Marisol for a little over a year and I have always heard about her girls. I was finally able to meet them at this photo shoot and yes, they are as fantastic as Marisol always said they were. They were so sweet and giggly which was a ton of fun for me. In conculsion, Marisol I am in love with your girls. Thanks so much for letting me photograph their sweet faces.


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