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I'm Kristi and I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I have studied photography at the University of Utah and I absolutely LOVE documenting the precious times in people's lives while adding an artistic spin to each image. I always want to hear what you think so please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check up often!

I WON!!!

29 January 2010
Hey everybody, thanks for voting for me!  I really do appreciate all of your support with everything.  And, I am super excited to be going to this workshop. Yay! 

{help me win the contest!!!}

22 January 2010
Hello blog readers! I am currently trying to win a seat at Julie Parker's "Get Schooled" workshop. But, I NEED YOUR HELP. Please vote for me at http://julieparkerphotography.blogspot.com/ by February 25th at noon. It will only take like 10 seconds I promise! I would appreciate any support I can get so that I can continue to increase my knowledge in the ever evolving world of photography. Thanks!!!

Every post needs a picture right? I would be this excited if I won!

Skye {portfolio photography}

21 January 2010
WOW.  Let me start out by saying yes, I know this girl is amazingly gorgeous.  Let me now tell you what isn't so extremely obvious from these photos.  Not only is Skye beautiful, she is also freakin' hilarious, very dedicated when she puts her mind to do anything, a beyond amazing hair stylist, and one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Ok, have I gushed over her enough yet?  She has been one of my best friends since high school and although I might be a little bias because I love her so much, I still think anyone that meets Skye would agree with all of the above.  I was so excited when she asked me to take some photos for her figure competition portfolio.  I swear she lives in the gym it is so paying off since she looks absolutely amazing.  Good luck with everything Skye.  Love you!
 I think the image below is my favorite full length shot from the session.  She was SO working those boots.  For real, I don't know how many people could pull off this look like she can.

I know I metioned this before but, Skye really is an amazing hairstylist.  If you are ever in Vegas make sure you swing by the Mandalay Bay's salon to let her get you all dolled up.  Believe me, you wont be dissapointed!

Garrett & Tami {engagement photography}

18 January 2010
Tami and Garrett... I had SO much fun with you.  Probably too much fun as I spent almost as much time laughing as I did shooting.  After multiple slips and almost falling down a small icy hill, freezing in the bitter cold, and defrosting in the car I was able to tell that these two are great together.  For real.  Apparently, they have known each other for a long time, reaching all the way back to high school.  However, they didn't fall for each other until this year.  Garrett was able to sweet talk Tami while telling her all about Honduras and he just stole her little heart.  So, now I get to photograph there wedding in February.  I am so excited to spend some more time with this amazing couple; the laughs will just keep on rollin' and we can add on to their awesome photo collection.  So, thank you Honduras.   Can't wait guys!
Tami's ring is so gorgeous.  It looks amazing on her petite little finger.
I love this next image.  It's so classically stunning with one eye hidden behind her curls.  
Yep, there is a large height gap with these two.  Something that I know all too well.  
We did this session up my favorite canyon and as always the light didn't fail me! 
This was totally Garrett's idea.  He wanted to do some shots in the snow.  Tami was slightly hesitant but, since she was already almost frozen solid she went for it.  Getting down was easy...
Getting up in stiletto boots was not so easy.  Tami, don't hate me for posting these!  They are too fun for the world to never see.  Besides, they show how great your future husband is!  He was so cute trying to help you up no matter how hard you were making that for him.. Love you!

Vanessa & Reyana {family photography}

12 January 2010
Oh Vanessa and Reyana. You have no idea how much I loved this session with you. From beginning to end everything went just perfectly. Reyana was so full of energy and joy. As you can see this little giggly girl was all smiles and did everything she was asked like a pro. Really she could be on ANTM with her killer poses. And, just look at her gorgeous mother. I have worked with Vanessa at East High for a couple of years now and she really is amazing. She's just one of those really thoughtful, kind people that you can sit around chatting with forever until you lose track of time.  On top of everything else she is smokin' hot so photo time was that much more fun.

See what I mean about the gorgeousness from these two?
I love this next image.  Vanessa is truely an amazing mother and you can tell that Reyana just loves her mommy.  Is it just me or can you almost feel the love in this next photo?

The light up this canyon serisouly could not be more perfect, gorgeous, radiant, gold goodness.  So what I am trying to say is I liked it.  A lot.

Yes, I do have my favorites from this session too.  I love, love , love love, these next four images.  They just make me happy.
Ok, now you are going to see the little model that I was talking about.  She was really getting into it toward the end of our shoot. 
Thanks again girls for letting me photograph your gorgeous faces.  These images seriously bring a smile to my face.

Where have I been? {everything photography}

04 January 2010
Wow.  I cannot believe how long it has been since I put up a post.  I wish I could say there was some huge exciting event keeping me away but no. Christmas, illness, family, and New Years have taken up all of my free time lately.  However, I have been doing some really amazing shoots in between all of the holiday cheer. So here you go, a quick recap of a few of my favorite images.  A more in depth account of each session will be coming soon.  So don't give up on me yet! My new years resolution is to blog way more often so, show me a little love by checking back often and I will keep things more up to date. Promise.


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