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Zach & Candace {engaged}

25 June 2012
I was so so excited to do this engagement session, not only because I knew the photos would be amazing with these two gorgeous people (although that was part of it) but, because Candace is one of my very best friends.  I have know Candace since like 3rd grade and for many of our junior high/high school years we were inseparable.  She is loyal, seriously one of the funnest people ever, loud, trustworthy, and she always wears her heart on her sleeve.  I kinda love this girl!  Which is why I am so glad that she is with Zach.  He is absolutely perfect for her and I know he will always treat her right.  I have also known Zach for a really long time as he is my other friends brothers... Small world huh?

Needless to say this was like the funnest session ever.  Even though it was freakin' hot! Seriously, I thought we were all going to melt right there in the sun but, it was so worth it with such amazing light.  Zach and Candace both love camping and hanging out on the lake so we incorporated that into these photos.  They were such good sports too and they kept me laughing the entire time.  I think I even fell over laughing at one point during the shoot.  Anyway, congratulations again on your engagement.  I hope you love your photos as much as I do!
They are going to have a wine theme in their wedding so this set up was perfect for them.  Oh yeah, I need to throw out a special thanks to Zach for constructing the amazing tent right there on the spot...
Everything about this spot was amazing... except the heat (have I said it was hot yet because it was).
Zach also built this fire and made the roasting sticks... He did all the crazy stuff Candace or I asked him to.  Dang is she a lucky girl or what?


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