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Candace {bridal photography}

26 November 2009
For everyone that knows Candace don't freak out about not receiving an invite to her wedding.  I just had to ask Candace to get all dolled up for some bridal modeling.  Can you blame me? I absolutely love photographing her.  She has a gorgeous smile, bright blue eyes, completely flawless skin, and she looks absolutely beautiful without even trying.  So, I really wanted to see her get all done up and into a wedding dress.  Anyway, I was right, she looks AMAZING all in white.  Thanks again Can, love you!

The sun was definitely on our side for this shoot. I love how it peeked out in the photo below.

Again with the good light. The sun gave us the most amazing glowy back light for the next two photos.

I loved this building so much. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the first few photos, it was in pretty bad shape. Now where this crumbly building once stood there is nothing more than a dirt pit. What a shame.

I will end with my favorite photos from the whole shoot. The wind started to blow and  Candace remained looking absolutely exquisite.

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Becky said...

Very cool bridals!


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