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Mannings {family photography}

01 December 2009
So lately I have been getting some grief about saying that I LOVE everything or that I have too many favorites with each post. I am really, REALLY bad at choosing my favorites because I do love so many images. Well, I'm sorry but this post wont be any different.  This family was so much fun to work with.  They were all so excited to get a "real" family portrait done.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

And so it begins... I think this is one of my FAVORITE couple photos.  I just get so drawn into the relaxed feeling and perfect golden light filtering in behind them.  LOVE it!

How could the shoot go bad when you have people this happy and fun. I love the photo below; it just makes me smile.

These girls are so cute. First you have stunning eyes..

...then you get sweet dimples!

To end I will share one image from a super fun series of the girls jumping all over Aric.  Out of the series this one, of course, is my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

These are so darling! You are a brilliant photographer.


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