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The Martins {family photography}

24 November 2009
We have been trying to get my husbands family together for what seems like FOREVER! My mother-in-law has been wanting to get these done for literally years.  So, after much planning and re planning, I am glad to say that we were finally able to get everyone together.  Now, I know I am a bit bias but these kids are do dang cute I can hardly stand it.
Just look at these kids.  You cannot tell me they aren't total studs.  I love the above right image; Tys is such a good big brother!

I would say 98% of the time that I see Bryn she is just grinnin'.  Except of course when we wanted her to for family pictures, isn't that how it always works out?
I love this little smile. I think she knew when all the family shots were done because that's when she turned into a total ham and wanted nothing more than to have her picture taken.

The only time this little girl gave us one of her amazing real smiles was when she could choke out her dad.  And, she can give some pretty intense hugs as you can see below.

I'm not really sure why but  the next image just makes me smile.  I love their "too cool" expressions.

And here we all are again. If you can't pick me out, I am the shortest one with the blue scarf on the left.  Thanks for such a great shoot everyone and Wan, your wall is going to look amazing!

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