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Karissa & Michelle {mommy and me}

23 May 2012
One of the most rewarding things about being a photographer is having amazing repeat clients that trust you time and time again to document their life.  I have had the pleasure to do a few photo shoots with Karissa and every time I am so insanely happy with the entire photo experience from our time during the session to the images that are created.  Karissa is a beautiful person inside and out and her daughter is exactly the same way.  During this "Mommy & Me Session" it was evident that Karissa has taught her daughter to be a kind, positive and loving little girl which are all traits that Karissa also possesses.  I am so happy to call you my friends! 
Karissa actually came to me with the idea to shoot her and Michelle while laying down.  I LOVE when clients come to me with shot ideas! So cute!
Can't you just feel the love shining through this photo? I seriously want something like this of me and my girl when she is older.
Karissa's roommate Julio came along to help out on the shoot and I am so glad he did! First of all,  I think I should hire him as my next assistant.  He was so great at looking for little details to enhance the photo and he even helped hold me up so I wouldn't fall off a bridge while taking the above photo.  He was also freakin hilarious and he kept me laughing the whole time.  Thanks for coming along and for all your help Julio!

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