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Vanessa & Reyana {family photography}

12 January 2010
Oh Vanessa and Reyana. You have no idea how much I loved this session with you. From beginning to end everything went just perfectly. Reyana was so full of energy and joy. As you can see this little giggly girl was all smiles and did everything she was asked like a pro. Really she could be on ANTM with her killer poses. And, just look at her gorgeous mother. I have worked with Vanessa at East High for a couple of years now and she really is amazing. She's just one of those really thoughtful, kind people that you can sit around chatting with forever until you lose track of time.  On top of everything else she is smokin' hot so photo time was that much more fun.

See what I mean about the gorgeousness from these two?
I love this next image.  Vanessa is truely an amazing mother and you can tell that Reyana just loves her mommy.  Is it just me or can you almost feel the love in this next photo?

The light up this canyon serisouly could not be more perfect, gorgeous, radiant, gold goodness.  So what I am trying to say is I liked it.  A lot.

Yes, I do have my favorites from this session too.  I love, love , love love, these next four images.  They just make me happy.
Ok, now you are going to see the little model that I was talking about.  She was really getting into it toward the end of our shoot. 
Thanks again girls for letting me photograph your gorgeous faces.  These images seriously bring a smile to my face.


Kristy Cefalo said...

These are so cute! I have to ask where you took these. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love the leaf picture!!! Nice work Kristi.

Kristi Martin said...

Thanks guys! I went up Emigration Canyon for this shoot. I love it up there.

Anonymous said...

kristi you are the BEST!!! we love you a lot and you know that thank very much for the pictures we love it we want more!!!


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