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Garrett & Tami {engagement photography}

18 January 2010
Tami and Garrett... I had SO much fun with you.  Probably too much fun as I spent almost as much time laughing as I did shooting.  After multiple slips and almost falling down a small icy hill, freezing in the bitter cold, and defrosting in the car I was able to tell that these two are great together.  For real.  Apparently, they have known each other for a long time, reaching all the way back to high school.  However, they didn't fall for each other until this year.  Garrett was able to sweet talk Tami while telling her all about Honduras and he just stole her little heart.  So, now I get to photograph there wedding in February.  I am so excited to spend some more time with this amazing couple; the laughs will just keep on rollin' and we can add on to their awesome photo collection.  So, thank you Honduras.   Can't wait guys!
Tami's ring is so gorgeous.  It looks amazing on her petite little finger.
I love this next image.  It's so classically stunning with one eye hidden behind her curls.  
Yep, there is a large height gap with these two.  Something that I know all too well.  
We did this session up my favorite canyon and as always the light didn't fail me! 
This was totally Garrett's idea.  He wanted to do some shots in the snow.  Tami was slightly hesitant but, since she was already almost frozen solid she went for it.  Getting down was easy...
Getting up in stiletto boots was not so easy.  Tami, don't hate me for posting these!  They are too fun for the world to never see.  Besides, they show how great your future husband is!  He was so cute trying to help you up no matter how hard you were making that for him.. Love you!


The Lindquists said...

These look great Kristi! I love what you do with their eyes. What canyon is this?

Kristi Martin said...

Thanks Shelly! It's up emigration Canyon. If you haven't been up there I would definitely recommend it; it's gorgeous.


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