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Candace & Zach {anytime photography}

05 October 2009
I know I say this a lot but seriously I think this is one of my favorite photo sessions ever! I can't even tell you how excited I was when Candace called and asked if I would take some photos of her and her honey. First, Candace has been one of my best friends since like the 4th grade and I absolutely love her so I knew it would be a good time at the shoot. Then, there is the fact that she is such a natural beauty, for real she looks this gorgeous all the time without even trying. Finally, the images that we were able to take far exceeded even my expectations. These two were so natural at showing the obvious affection they have for each other and, as you can see, they look absolutely amazing together. Thanks again for letting me pull you all over the city; I think it was worth it!

Here's Candace trying to be graceful. I think she actually pulled it off.

These two really were up for anything that I asked them to do. Like... maybe climbing into a cage thing on the side of a wall. It ended up being a tighter squeeze than I had originally anticipated but, they were able to work it out while I apologized through hysterical laughter on the side. Believe me, the climbing in and out of this thing was really funny to watch

I am competely in LOVE with the image of the left.

It was hard to choose but, I think this next photo is my favorite from the whole shoot. Just stunning.

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