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Tami {bridal photography}

08 February 2010
Tami made the most lovely bride ever! For real, even though at times it was freezing cold, she continued to look flawless.   AND did I mention that she had some amazing shoes.  I would have stolen them off of her tiny little feet if I thought they would have fit me.  Tami, I had so much fun with you and I cannot wait to get the photos from your wedding day up here too.  So, everybody keep an eye out because you wont want to miss what's coming.  
I was so in love with this location.  The colors and textures on this shed, combined with some amazing late afternoon light, almost got me giddy.   If you could have seen me on the other side of the camera I guarantee you would have been staring at a big old grin.
I will finish off with a classic bridal portrait just to show how gorgeous Tami's dress really was.


Dalery said...

Those are so pretty! Where is that cool barn?

Erin said...

Beautiful photos! Love the location. It was great meeting you at the workshop. We will have to get together again.

Garrett Gabbitas said...

Hey you made my new wife look amazing!! that was the best day of my life i cant wait to get our new pics, GARRETT GABBITAS HUBBY OF THE NEW TAMI GABBITAS!!!


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